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The 43rd episode of the donghua belongs to Season 2. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Wu Xuan curses the founder, but is too weak to move. Liu Jing uses a strengthening pill, and the four leave. Junior Xue notice a demon core remaining in the ashes and trails behind, while the three enters the hall to confront the founder, before catching up with them. Junior Xue begs Han Li for forgiveness for their previous rudeness. Song Meng and Liu Jing converse about the past for a bit. Han Li and Junior Xue examine the monument, on which names of all those offered are engraved on. They enter the next space, when Han Li activates the door. On the other side they meet Chen Qiaoqian and Zhong Weiniang who have successfully escorted Emperor Xu. Junior Xue shares the news to Sister Chen that Senior Wang perished in the battle. They enter the main hall. Han Li places a formation on the gate. Founder greets them, Han Li warns the group that he is in Foundation Establishment final stage. Song Meng stabs the founder's arm, who then proceeds to pin Junior Xue to the wall, reclaiming his companions cores. Founder activates a floor trap, before kicking an explosive stone at them and escaping above into the library.


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Junior Xue
Junior Xue