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The 44th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 2. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Han Li realises this person is not the founder, but the last blood servant. Liu Jing is backstabbed by Emperor Xu, who turns out to be the real founder. The last blood servants is merely a body double, whom the emperor asks to go heal. Jing telepatically tells Han Li he will leave the rest to him, before activating his explosion talisman, bringing the emperor and the last blood servant down with him. Zhong Weiniang reminisces about when they watched the fireworks together, crying out his name before fainting. Han Li explodes open the ceiling, as they all escape. The two villains float down from the library, having survived. The last blood servant appears to be the emperor's twin brother, and makes the emperor use his energy to recover. Thunder Ball. The group escape on his flying boat. The last blood servant perishes, and the emperor follows them. Han Li says he will hold them back. Song Meng affirms Han Li is has the strongest foundation among those who remain. The emperor blasts away Black Dragon's Grasp, and fires a Blood Demon Pill. Blood Shadow Evasion. Turns out every time an attack he lands heals the emperor. The emperor notes how Hanli has an abundance of true essence for someone in the Foundation Establishment middle stage. Villain monologue ensues. Demonic Blood Sacrifice Ritual. Han Li uses a diversion to escape.


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