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The 45th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 2. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


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Han Li tries to flee, since he knows he won't be able to take him on face-on. He tries leading him to where the three others are working on setting up a Mini Five Elements Formation. Emperor fires Blood Light Shot at the formation. Han Li then uses his puppets to fire True Five Elements Reversal Formation. The emperor tries breaking through the ceiling, but is teleported to Formation of Wood: Bamboo Sea. Bamboo leaves begin slicing at him in a whirlwind, but the emperors blood drop sets the woods on fire. The burning forest turns into Formation of Fire: Burning Sky. Emperor flies away, only to meet his own reflection in Formation of Metal: Mirrored Shadow. He drops into a body of water in Formation of Water: Abysmal Haunt. All the people who has died for his cause cling to his feet. Surfacing, he enters a desert in Formation of Earth: Sand Burial. Dispelling the mirages of Han Li, he enters Illusory Cosmos. His obsession is too strong. Unfortunately, this formation can only keep him trapped. He still needs talismans to properly kill him. The emperor eventually figures out the trick, summoning Black Blood Blade, a magic treasure, to break the formation. But is still trapped. They activate their Talisman Treasures: Han Li activates his Heavenly Suppressing Ruler, Song Meng his Primal Bead, Chen Qiaoqian her Red Rainbow Sword. Han Li manages to finally obliterates him, which he actually didn't want to do because the sect won't compensate him. Unfortunately the emperor survives, because his soul cannot be broken while the formation is abundant in the five elements. Zhong Weiniang tells the team to leave the rest to her.