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The 46th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 2. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


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Emperor Xu makes use of the formation's five elements to regenerate the flesh and blood he's lost. Zhong Weiniang uses a single-use True Phoenix Talisman that Liu Jing gifted her, which finally finishes off the emperor, filling the formation with fire. Han Li is pleased to finally getting his hands on the Five Elements Blood Fusing Elixir, including an embroidered hankerchief, jade strips, alms bowl, and the hidden weapon that injured him. These things withstood repeated attacks from a talisman treasure and remained undamaged. Song Meng informs Han Li that the disciplinary comitee will deal with the aftermath, and that they've found Wu Xuan's corpse in a hidden room. He also gifts him a book of Dark Moon Arts they found in the villain's lair. There it's written about the demonization cultivation method, Five Elements Blood Fusing Elixir, Independent Incarnation Technique; This is the origin of the Black Demon Cult's cultivation method. Han Li promises to destroy the book once he's read it, to make sure its evils does not spread to the outside world. Chen Qiaoqian greets Weiniang to bid goodbye, as she needs to report her cousin's demise to her clan. She listens to Weiniang reflecting on the life of Liu Jing.

Han Li returns to Qin Mansion, where he sees a mirage of happier times when the departed was still with them. When he approaches, they greet him, offering him a drink, when the mirage disappears.

In the days after, the aftermath has been dealt with calmly. The throne is passed to Prince Xin. Li Huayuan sends a letter saying Han Li no longer needs to protect the Qin Mansion. A few days before returning to Yellow Maple Valley, he spent summing up the loss and gains from the battle, the bottleneck of his cultivation has also somewhat eased. He's also deciphered some secrets from the Dark Moon Arts, which appears to have come from outside of Tiannan Continent. The Song siblings will return the remains of the fallen. Han Li bids goodbye to Qin Yan, and performed acupuncture on Qin Fei before departing.

Qin Gui compliments Master Han, and hands him some dishes his wife made. He pleads Master Han to return in three years life to inherit the family's properties. Han Li distracts him with a magical bottle, before disappearing in a flash. He promises to burn incense for him. He cries, and when he turns he notices the bottle Han Li left for him. With it Qin Gui peacefully spent the rest of his life surrounded by generations of offsprings and died at the age of 110. Han Li drops by Jiayuan City before returning home.

Post Credits[]

Zhong Weiniang and Song Meng meet in the woods. Weiniang wants to travel to Hanzhou to send Senior Liu Jing home. Turns out when they were young, he and Jing were captured by a demonic cultivator who wanted to use them for cultivation. Jing helped Meng escape, while he managed to kill the cultivator. This is the reason Liu Jing hated demonic cultivators so much.



Qin Fei
Qin Fei