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The 47th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 3. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


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In Jiayuan City, Han Li walks down the street to Li Mansion. The waiter Sun Ergou who informed him about Mo Mansion all those years ago is now middle-aged and the shopkeeper of the Four Peace Restaurant, recommending dishes to the wealthy gentleman. Han Li asks for information on the Mo Mansion in exchange for a silver lump. He then asks about the Soul-summoning Bell hanging in the ceiling, which is something the waiter found while cleaning up the aftermath of the Mo Mansion. Ergou orders the servants to bring tea to their esteemed guest, but when he turns around, Han Li is gone, and in the place of the bell is a calming talisman. Ergou then recalls the young man from ten years ago, realizing he's just met an immortal. Because of this encounter, he renames the restaurant "Chance Upon Immortals Restaurant".

He recalls what Mo Caihuan said: A few months before the attack on the mansion, Qu Hun suddenly couldn't recognize them anymore. He walked towards the mountain near the city. She followed him with the Soul-summoning bell, but every time she approached, he would run further away. Han Li chimes the bell with his qi, and senses Qu Hun in a smithy working as a blacksmith. Han Li wonders why his body is emitting the energy of a cultivator at the Qi Condensation sixth level. It appears he has married and had a son, the madam seems ill. Qu Hun senses someone in the courtyard, and walks out to check. Han Li confronts him. He freezes them all. He interrogates the soul possessing Qu Hun. The soul promises to gift him all his earlier possessions, since his new body is unable to make use of them. He also promises to give him secret letters.