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The 51st episode of the donghua belongs to Season 3. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


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Chen Qiaoqian smells the flowers, when Han Li approaches. She says she is engaged to the son of the Qin Family, in a marriage of alliance. She is envious of Zhong Weiniang and Liu Jing. She despairs why she is treated like a precious object, whom the whole fate of the clan depends on. She hugs Han Li, saying she knew he was different, and asks if he can take her away. She confirms someone else is already in his heart. She gifts him a new set of clothes she's made for him. He gifts him some eternal youth pills he made in exchange.

At the Golden Drum Plain Battlefield, the army has lined up, ready for battle. Zhong Weiniang and Song Meng are also on the battlefield. Li Huayuan is sure Han Li has returned by now, and wonders why he hasn't sent a letter to him yet.

The battle lasted three days.