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The 52nd episode of the donghua belongs to Season 3. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


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The battlefiled is scorched. Song Meng rouses Zhong Weiniang, and they flee to safety. Kulou and Hongfeng enters the scene, joined by Elder Han. Han urges them to switch sides, promising to spare their lives. Song Meng holds them off, while Weiniang escapes. Meinian resolves to hold their ground alongside Meng though. Fu Yunzi intercepts protecting the two, taking over the battle.

Han Li is in his cave, now with Ma's hidden stash. He is preparing for core formation, when twelve hits on the Dragon Bell Alarm rings throughout Yellow Maple Valley, signaling disaster. Everyone gathers in front of the Sect Leader, who informs them that Spirit Beast Mountain and Heavenly Imperial Fortress defected, meaning that Yellow Maple Valley has been defeated. The core formation elders are not with them, but they may request Supreme Elder (Nascent Soul stage). Han Li thinks it's ridiculous to rely on someone like that, as he would have done something by now if he really cared. Qi descends from the skies, freezing everything in place.

Martial Ancestor Ling Hu taps Han Li on the shoulder jokingly asking if he's learnt some cultivation methods related to the soul, which Han Li confirms. Elder is pleased with his foundation and temper, but dismisses him since his spiritual roots are too poor. Elder asks everyone to rise as he approaches the center. Han Li was able to reply and move because he practiced the Great Development Technique that nourishes his soul. He announces that Yellow Maple Valley is as good as done for, so they should just flee and not disturb his meditation. He scolds them for insisting he risk his life for them. Sect Leader swear he will live and die with the sect to regain morale.

Supreme Elder sends a last telepathic message telling anyone who can hear to enter the Opportunistic Hall in 15 min if they want to survive.



Ling Hu
Grand Elder