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The 53rd episode of the donghua belongs to Season 3. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


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Han Li enters Opportunistic Hall, which is filled with Tracking Lamps. All the sects elites are gathered here in front of Li Huayuan, Hong Fu and Supreme Elder Ling Hu. Their troops on the front line has collapsed, resistance is hopeless. The play the Supreme Elder put on earlier was a ploy to lure out treacherous scum, and that the one's present here are the sect's core members. Supreme Elder has contacted allies from the Nine Nations Union, who have agreed to grant them protection. Soon she and Huayuan will lead them out in batches. Elder places a Voice Transmission Technique on all of them, allowing him to know their location fromthis hall. Huayuan and Hong Fu also leave Supreme Elder behind in the hall.

We cut to the Demonic Sect marching on the valley. Wang Chan now knows his name is not Li Feiyu, but Han Li. He learnt this from a scroll of Huayuan's disciples. Masked Moon Sect has isolated themselves, Clear Void Sect is annihilated. He orders the valley be burnt to the ground. Han Li destroys his cave and leaves with Qu Hun, so not to leave it for someone else. He wonders when he can return after leaving this time. He groups up with other disciples and receives instructions from Hong Fu. They board the ship led by her. She talks with Han Li, saying she must have disappointed him this time. Supreme Elder also seems to think highly of him. Hong Fu uses magical Item Storm Barrier to hide the ship with a veil of invisibility.

Back in the valley, Huayuan greets junior Lei Wanhe. Yuanhe worries if it was really a message from supreme elder after all, and returns to confirm. He realizes that Ling Hu specifically singled out Han Li and Hong Fu as sacrifice.