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The 57th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 3. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).



Han Li faints due to the injury he suffered by the pink mist. He crash lands into a river, before being picked up by Song Meng and Zhong Weiniang. He wakes up after two days and a night.

Flashback to three days ago. The teachers are at a standstill when the patriarch enters the scene. Dong Xuan begs the patriarch for mercy on her senior's behalf. Hongfeng and her husband leave to save their own lives, while Yun Lu confronts the two teachers. Hong Fu asks her friend to leave to save his own life, though she does not want to go with him. Yunlu informs them that Yellow Maple Valley has fallen, and that even Ling Hu has fled. He offers to spare his life for his care and loyalty towards Hong Fu if he flees and leaves her behind, but Huayuan provokes him, teasing if the dignified Yuanying practicioner dare not fight him. Because of their different levels, the deal is that if Huayuan manages to fend off Yunlu, he wins. When Huayuan's life is almost forfeit, Dong Xuan steps in asking Yunlu to please cease the fight, and begging Huayuan to retreat to heal.

He begins telling the tale of an evil man who taught him something the day he entered the sect. He holds a speech about the law of the jungle, before using secret pill, half-step Yuanying.