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The 58th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 3. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).



The fight grows more intense, and two ships are destroyed in the battle as collateral damage, as Dong Xuan and Hong Fu watch on. Both are thrown to the ground by their final collision. Huayuan manages to force Yunlu's hand and win the bet, but dies as a result. Dongxuan begs her master to come along with them now that Huayuan is dead, but she rejects her and transports his body back to the Yellow Maple Valley on the back of his pet.

Elsewhere, Linghu notices that Huayuan's candle flickers, thus learning something has happened to him. He dispels all the other candels, leaving their fates in each their own individual hands. Around the campfire, Han Li shares the pouch master entrusted to him, passing it onto Song Meng and Zhong Weiniang. Given Han Li is not regrouping with their remaining sect members, they ask where he's planning to head now. Han Li shares he does not wish to be someone's pawn again, and that it's time for a new course in life.

In her cabin, Junior Feng reports to Nangong Wan on the state of the battlefield and the casualties. Linghu led the core disciples' evacuation, but Huayuan fell in battle and Hong Fu has fled. Nangong then asks about Han Li, learning none the disciples led by Hong Fu survived. She dismisses Junior Feng, telling her she will undergo closed door training and that she does not wish to be disturbed.

A few days later in the State of Yuanwu, Qu Hun hunts down an assassin (Qi Condensation 8th stage) across the rooftop, before being intercepted by a purple-glowing disc belonging to a Foundation Establishment initial stage cultivator. They ask what relation Han Li has with Qi Yunxiao, and why they're troubling his nephew (the assassin). Han Li reveals he's merely customer there for his goods. They are from the Fu family.