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The 60th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 3. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Three months later, Nangong Wan has tracked Han Li to the old Yan Clan's mine, but unfortunately she was discovered and subsequently pursued by Ghost Spirit Sect acolytes. Wang Chan sends Bald Elder and Ghost Elder after her, and then orders Zhong Wu to flank her. Eventually, Nangong Wan is captured by a formation and surrounded. Dong Xuan greets her and guarantees her safety, when a disguised Han Li steps in and takes Dong Xuan hostage.


Three months later, Han Li and Qu Hun sneak into the old Yan Clan's mine. The mine isn't heavily protected, since it's some distance away from the frontlines. He then senses Nangong Wan being pursued by Ghost Elder in a distant gorge. Once they pass the waterfall, she manages to fend him off with Ring of Vermillion Bird, but he regroups with Wang Chan's force, who's accompanied by Dong Xuan. Nangong Wan was looking for Han Li in the old Yan family's mine when she encountered the acolytes, who pursued her for stepping into the Ghost Spirit Sect's territory.

Wang Chan sarcastically invites her to tell about her reason for visiting over a cup of tea. When she rejects, he sends Bald Elder and Ghost Elder after her. Zhong Wu recalls her from the Trial by Blood and Fire event. Wang Chan sends Zhong Wu to flank her at the forest, and Dong Xuan volunteers to go too. Han Li orders Qu Hun to stay behind and disguises himself in the clothes of a knocked out acolyte. Eventually she is captured by a formation, as she is surrounded by the acolytes. Dong Xuan greets her and asks if she cannot go with them to clear up the misunderstanding, guaranteeing her safety. She brings out her Natal Sword Treasure, but Wang Chan laughs, asking if she's really able to cut through them all. Han Li, disguised, rushes out and places a dagger at Dong Xuan's throat, bringing her to Nangong Wan's side.