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The 61st episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Together Nangong Wan and Han Li break through the barricade, and flee the dire situation. Dong Xuan shares what has happened to her since she was abducted, and when Han Li drops her off, she swears to not forget herself. Han Li arrives at their agreed upon reconnaisance spot, where he finds an unconscious Nangong Wan. When he tries to help her, she ends up sucking out his qi, reducing his cultivation down to Qi Condensation stage. When they wake up, she then claims to be Nangong Wan's cousin, Nangong Ping.


Nangong Wan challenges Wang Chan, while Han Li deals with the underlings. They split up as they flee in an artificial fog. Wang Chan orders his men to find him. Dong Xuan apologizes about Li Huayuan’s death and she reveals who her biological parents are.

The cultivation methods she’s practicing has also changed, as Yun Lu has forcibly removed her former Yellow Maple Valley cultivation. After she breaks through, it’s said even her personality may change and she may not be able to remember his face anymore. He comforts her, saying even if she forgets, he will still remember that he has a friend like her. He drops her off in a flower field, and she swears to all her loved ones that she will not forget herself, but walk down the path she believes in.

Han Li changes out of his disguise and meets up with Nangong Wan at a cave next to a waterfall. He places his Five Elements Formation for protection before entering. Inside, Nangong Wan has fainted trying to heal herself, and the True Reincarnation Art turned defensive, sucking out Han Li’s qi. Nangong helps him replenish his qi before leaving. He dreams about all the precious relationships he’s made so far: his little sister, Zhang Tie and Li Feiyu, Wu Mian, Nangong Wan, Mo Caihuan, Chen Qiaoqian, Li Huayuan, etc. Due to the incident with Nangong, he’s been reduced from Foundation Establishment middle stage to Qi Condensation fourth stage.

When he wakes up, Nangong Wan pretends to be her own younger cousin, Nangong Ping.