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The 62nd episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Nangong Wan pretends to be her own cousin Nangong Ping, before pouring her complaints on him. Han Li cooks some Qi replenishing soup. Nangong Ping asks about his plans and gives him two options, of which he choses the most independent option. Elsewhere, Wang Chan regroups with his subordinates, and discuss who the disguised cultivator could be. After splitting up with Nangong Wan, Han Li returns to the old Yan Clan's mine.


She complains about him insuating that Nangong Wan is old by gifting her Eternal Youth Pills. She promises to repay him for saving her regardless. When he ends up pinning her to the floor due to his weak muscles, she slaps him. He considers the cousin quite peculiar for bringing pots, bowls and some rare ingredients with her. He cooks something for the two of them, feeling nostalgic for his time back at the Seven Mysteries Sect: Qi replenishing soup. She pities his circumstances, but pretends to be cultivating behind his back. She is surprised he knows how to cook well, and asks for seconds.

She asks him what his plans are from here on out, but he doesn’t tell her the truth about the Ancient Teleportation Device, since he believes she’s not Nangong Wan. She gives him two options (1) She’ll give him a set amount of cultivation stones and resources, (2) Return to the Masked Moon Sect with her to become a disciple under a cultivator there until his cultivations has recovered. He chooses the first option, so not to rely too much on them and become a burden. After receiving a generous amount of money and resources, they leave the cave. She compliments him on his Five Elements Formation, but notes it’s probably made by a maiden who dislikes killing, since it lacks any finishing moves. She then sets off on her flying sword.

A few hours later, Wang Chan regroups with Zhong Wu, upset that they let the female cultivator go, when she was obviously from the Masked Moon Sect. They discuss who the disguised cultivator could be, since he knew a little bit of everything in terms of technique. They deduce he must be a member of the Yellow Maple Valley, since Dong Xuan pretended to be captured in order to help them escape.

In the old Yan Clan mine, Han Li uses his puppets to subdue a force of acolytes inside the mine.