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The 63rd episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Han Li repairs the Ancient Teleportation Device and manages to evade Wang Chan in the nick of time, as he is transported to the Scattered Star Seas.


Han Li and Qu Hun return to the old Yan family mine. He sets his Five Elements formation, since he’s not powerful to fight off any ambushers now that his cultivation has been reduced. Then he proceeds to repairing the Ancient Teleportation Device by reassembling the shattered rock pillar. He expends the spirit stones in the care package given to him by Nangong Wan to activate the device.

Elsewhere, Wang Chan and his men are approaching the mine from above. They sense the shock wave expelled when Han Li is activating the device. His advisors beg him to be patient and not rush in himself, and that he will be rewarded if he presents this long lost technology to his seniors. Instead he orders him mens to attack. In the nick of time, Han Li gets the device working and the mine explodes destroying the device in the process.

Together, Han Li and Qu Hun are teleported far away. The journey is interspersed with scenes of his friends, Song Meng, Hong Fu and Zhong Weiniang fighting off acolytes when they notice the pillar of light from which Han Li activated the teleportation device. At Li Huayuan’s grave, his and Hong Fu’s childhood friend (the one who became a merchant) places a flower and a mahjong tile on his deceased friends grave. Dong Xuan watches on next to her father Yun Lu on their fleet. Han Yunzi is climbing a cliff collecting shrooms and herbs when she herself notices the pillar, a pleased grin spreading on her face, before she climbs on. Chen Qiaoqian is among other surviving Yellow Maple Sect disciples on a cargo ship. Mo Caihuan is looking out her window, when a young Li Yingning runs to her aunt’s side. Nangong Wan is dueling with her disciple, honing each other’s skills.

Finally, Han Li arrive on the other end. He orders Qu Hun to break the formation, before exiting the cave and finding himself in the Scattered Star Seas.



  • Merchant friend of Li Huayuan and Hong Fu
  • Nangong Wan's disciple