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The 64th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (August 2022), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Having arrived in the Scattered Star Seas, Han Li flies out into the open sea in search of a place suited for seclusion cultivation. He rescues Master Gu's ship from sea monsters, who then invites the two cultivators to Stalwart Star Island. He also requests that Han Li participate in a tournament on his behalf, in exchange for a reward of course. Elsewhere, Wu Chou travels to inspect the strange activity coming from the Ancient Teleportation Device island, before he is interrupted by two guardians from the Star Palace, whom he defeats.


Han Li and Qu Hun fly out into the open sea in search of a place where he can cultivate in seclusion for a few years until he’s regained his powers. Fortunately, his Spiritual Sense from Foundation Establishment stage is still present. He lands on a ship, after defeating a hostile sea creature, and asks the mortals for their leader. Master Gu steps forward to chat with the xians.

It seems that the mortals speak a different language, but that the language of the cultivation world here is still the same. The ship is headed towards Stalwart Star Island, where owner Gu has some business to attend to. He invites Han Li and Qu Hun to feast at his home out of gratitude for saving the ship. Han Li declines only offering to assist them on their journey. Due to this rare opportunity, owner Gu also request that Han Li participate in a battle on his behalf in a wrestle with another merchant. In exchange he offers 10% of his income the next three years. When Han Li does not reply, he rises the offer to 20%, no 30%, and promises to be his guarantor if he were to obtain residential qualifications on Stalwart Star Island. Hearing this, Han Li offers to help him but this one time.

Elsewhere, Wu Chou from Absolute Darkness island has arrived on the island where Han Li first teleported. He didn’t expect someone to activate the long distance travel formation after 100 years. Approaching the cave, he is interrupted by two guardians from the Star Palace, ordering him to leave. Wu Chou subdues the two, bringing them with him.

One month later, Han Li has reached the fifth stage of Qi Condensation and has fully adapted to the language used in the Scattered Star Seas: an ancient language recorded in books, and that the place is connected to Tiannan. Only those at Nascent Soul stage are able to cross the endless sea between the two places though. Merchant Gu explains how the city works.



  • Unnamed guardian from the Star Palace
  • Unnamed guardian from the Star Palace