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The 65th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (August 2022), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Fifteen days later, Han Li wins the competition in the Demon Banishing Colosseum as agreed upon with Master Gu. After the fight, he joins Wen Qiang for a meal, who explains the workings of the Scattered Star Seas to him. Afterwards, Han Li heads to the Immortal Records Pavilion in search for a place to cultivate, and settles on Minor Expanse Island which does not have extraordinary Spiritual Veins. He heads off to the island and begins settling down, and we get a glimpse of his two new Blood Jade Spiders. Elsewhere, Wu Chou strikes a deal with an unnamed Star Palace official.


Fifteen days later, Master Gu leads Han Li to the Demon Banishing Colosseum, where he reaffirms that his family's future lies in Han Li’s hands now. Han Li enters the Stone Chamber Arena to register himself.

Wen Qiang greets the two unfamiliar cultivators, and hands them a token for today’s battle and explains the competition’s program. Han Li introduces himself and his martial uncle, and asks for his advice, since they’re new to the area. He then asks about the story behind the arena, since it’s quite grand. He begins explaining, before he is interrupted by his senior, who says that can be saved for after the competition has concluded.

Han Li faces off against Ququ, who offers Han Li to forfeit to avoid pain. Han Li plays along, pretending to struggle without revealing his true strength. Han Li wins the fight, and claims it was a fluke to Master Gu and Wen Qiang.

Han Li and Wen Qiang go out for a meal. Master Gu joins to thank Han Li and Qu Hun for winning the competition, also completing their exchange: He hands over two jade identification tokens for Stalwart Star Island. As for his payment for the next 10 years, he will have his men deliver it to Han Li’s mansion once every 6 months. He has already paid rental for Han Li’s mansion in advance. Master Gu also gives Wen Qiang a gift, who reciprocates by gifting Gu a talisman, before the merchant leaves the two cultivators to chat.

Han Li says he’ll be relying on Wen Qiang as he stays on the island. Qiang continues informing Han Li about the area, while Han Li asks questions “on behalf of his martial uncle” Qu Hun. He explains that Qu Hun practices an unusual cultivation method, where he does not require a place with extraordinary Spiritual Veins.

Han Li goes to the Immortal Records Pavilion, looking at the cultivation plots for sale. He settles for Minor Expanse Island. Before heading off, Han Li purchases some new equipment such as Light Redthread Shadowchaser Needles in exchange for rare pills such as Eternal Youth Pills. He bids Wen Qiang and Master Gu farewell, before he and Qu Hun set off for their new island.

Elsewhere, on Stalwart Star Island, Wu Chou mocks a Star Palace member that has joined in on a scheme, which he himself did not expect. After exchanging some sort of token, they separate again.

Han Li arrives on Minor Expanse Island and sets up his formations, before entering a secluded cave, already furnished. He begins planning for regaining his power, and he has already hatched the two Blood Jade Spiders he got from the Shield Spirit Sect.


  • Among the cultivators who registered is a Li Potian (Qi Condensation, 6th stage)


  • Unnamed official from the Star Palace