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The 66th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (September 2022), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


Han Li continues building his power in solitary cultivation, and finally makes Qu Hun an Independent Incarnation. Back in Jiayuan, Mo Caihuan imparts Li Yingning with some final instructions before she passes away quietly underneath the fireworks of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Twenty years later, Han Li and Qu Hun has both reached the Foundation Establishment stage, and drop by Stalwart Star Island just in time for the Festival of the Two Sages, in order to purchase some cultivation ingredients. During the visit, he relies on Qu Hun's strong facade, while he supresses his own qi to make himself appear as a Qi Condensation cultivator. As they pass by the Cloudy Dream Pavilion, they are stopped by the flirty Yan Li and Yuan Yao, but Qu Hun rejects their advances.


Han Li stays inside his cultivation cave, peacefully growing medicinal herbs, making pills, and cultivating. Qu Hun does housework, and the Blood Jade Spiders grow. Han Li has now reached the initial stage of Foundation Establishment. Eight years later, Han Li then pledges to Qu Hun that whether he’s Zhang Tie or not, he is his friend and they will not part again. Han Li makes him an independent incarnation using the Dark Moon Arts Secret Technique Independent Incarnation.

Back at the Mo Estate, Yingning rushes in to show her aunt some elixirs left with her from Han Li. She says they cannot cure his illness, and that the Eternal Youth Pills is but a wishful dream. Caihuan tells her niece to learn the medicinal books and oral medicines she taught her well, and to bring the Mo family’s medicinal prowess to greater heights. She then tells her to take the Eternal Youth pill once she turns fifty, since it can prolong her life. Caihuan took her in when the village was ravaged by a plague; She had wished to see her grow up, but is resigned to the fact that her health will not allow such. Fireworks from the Mid-Autumn Festival lights the sky. On the winter of that year, Mo Caihuan passes away.

Twenty years later. Han Li has reached the pinnacle stage of Foundation Establishment (+ Three Revolutions Acts — One Revolution Completed), while Qu Hun is at the same Foundation Establishment stage as an independent incarnation. They finally exit their solitary cultivation, Han Li’s longest ever, but he’s finally at the stage he was before. They head to Stalwart Star Island for a bite, and promises the Blood Jade Spiders to make some spiritual-nourishing pills for them to eat, placing the Five Elements Formation on his cave. From here on out, he plans to disperse his power once again. When they reach the city, he relies on Qu Hun’s strong facade, while he hides his presence/breathing with Qi-suppressing Spell, masking him as a Qi Condensation 9th level cultivator.

A merchant hands them a pamphlet offering 20% off for the Festival of the Two Sages sale. Han Li and Qu Hun pass by the guards. He remembers that Wen Qiang mentioned some things about this festival, which is a local celebration. This year Star Palace made a big deal out of it, “sparing no expense.”

They come across the Cloudy Dream Pavilion. Too bad it isn’t the Myriad Treasures Store. On his shopping list are: Spiritual Snowmelt and Heavenly Magma, rare materials needed to form a core. Maybe he’ll get lucky at this festival?

On top of the pavilion, two sisters enjoy the view before descending: Yan Li and Yuan Yao. They offer to show Han Li and Qu Hun around the festival, since they’re new and propose they be friends, of course in exchange for some Spiritual Stones. Qu Hun acts out saying he dislikes the crows, and propose to leave. Yan Li notices something peculiar however, which she whispers to her sister.

In an alley, a corpse is dragged into a building.