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The 69th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (September 2022), and later in English on BiliBili (September 2022).


Feng Sanniang and the other cultivators try to trap the Infant Carp Beast in a formation, but keep having to release it due to the beast's relentless attacks of both lunges and its Water Star Divine Lightning. Although taking a back seat so far, Han Li finally decides to step in and help, since he and Qu Hun won't be able to defeat the monster alone.

Han Li activates Jadewater Azure Armor Formation, and Sanniang realizes that Han Li has merely been hiding his cultivation base and is more powerful than he first appeared. Han Li invites the other cultivators inside the formation, before leaving it in Sanniang's hands. Sanniang uses her Porcelain Dust to nullify the beast's lightning attacks, before using the formation to disperse the fog. She then begins preparing her Six Waves Evasive Formation, while Han Li and Qu Hun distract the beast. Once trapped by Sanniang's formation, Han Li destroys the beast's right eye with his Redthread Shadowchaser Needles, and Qu Hun slays it with his Blood Demon Blade.

The beast slain, the crowd cheers and the elders compliments the seven remaining cultivator's abilities. Elder Miao rewards the survivors and concludes the Demon Banishing Ceremony, asking them to come find him and Elder Gu in the Six Company Hall. Sanniang proposes trading the Spiritual Core, which Qu Hun accepts in exchange for intel. But before he is able to extract the core, Wu Chou claims it for himself and reveals his identity to the audience. Elsewhere, Wen Qiang has quietly left the audience, about to pass through a mysterious entrance.


Feng Sanniang and the other cultivators continue trying to fight off the Infant Carp Beast, evading its lunges. They cooperate on setting up a formation, trapping the beast. Han Li fires off his talismans at it, to no effect. The beast then hits one of the cultivators with its Water Star Divine Lightning, leading the team to release the formation to avoid being hit. Several cultivators are taken out of commission. Sanniang explains that they need to block it, lest they all die there that day, explaining to her fellow cultivators to set up a formation again, this time around themselves for protection. Han Li takes a back seat again. As the beast lunges forward, Sanniang fires a beam of light and the cultivators fire ice at the beast, which then forms its own formation. Trapped, the beast breaks the formation forcefully with its trifork, with an orb in hand.

Realizing the other cultivators are unable to defeat the monster on their own, and that he and Qu Hun were not powerful enough to fight it off on their own, Han Li steps in again. Sanniang sets up a defensive formation around themselves again, but this time it is broken immediately. As the beast lunges forward, Qu Hun intercepts it, protecting the other cultivators. Han Li captures its attention and activates his Jadewater Azure Armor Formation for protection, while the beast covers the arena in a fog. Han Li then calls Sanniang and the other cultivators to him, inviting them inside the formation for protection. He orders Sanniang to take care of the formation, while he and his "martial uncle" deals with the beast. Sanniang's companions scoffs at him bossing them around, which Sanniang herself shuts down, explaining that Han Li is merely hiding his cultivation base, and is more powerful than he first appears.

Han Li flies above the fog, scouting the battlefield. He dodges a lightning orb that is fired towards him, which instead hits the arena's overall formation. The elders reinforce the formation, and Wen Qiang steps away from the scene. The fog is able to conceal auras, so Han Li realizes he will have to get rid of it first. The other participants realize that Han Li is also at the Pseudo-core level. He orders Sanniang to use the formation to fire off a strong wind, to blow away the fog. She also uses her Porcelain Dust to nullify the beasts lightning attacks, while in the fog.

The beast has Qu Hun's blood aura on its body, so Han Li asks him to locate the beast in the fog. Han Li locates the beast and uses his giant green sword against it, before firing talismans. As the beast runs away it collides with Sanniang's formation, before running away again. Sanniang finally disperses the fog, and the cultivators continue firing at the beast, but are interrupted when the beast throws its spear. Han Li orders Sanniang to prepare a huge formation to trap it, while he and Qu Hun distract it. Sanniang finally fires off her Six Waves Evasive Formation. Han Li and Qu Hun continue attacking the beast, and Han Li uses his Redthread Shadowchaser Needles, destroying the beast's right eye. Enraged, the beast wails after Han Li, while he continues firing his talismans. Qu Hun summons his Black Blood Blade/Blood Demon Blade, an item that piques Wu Chou interest/suspicion, to pierce through the beast's skull and defeating it.

The crowd cheers. Wang Heng compliments the team, saying it proves that the young will surely surpass them. In the audience, Wu Chou recognizes the Dark Moon Arts, Blood Demon Blade and Demon Body used by Qu Hun, and deduces this is the person he has been searching for. An unnamed man comments that Qu Hun truly is very knowledgeable, even knowing cultivation methods from Zenith Yin Island. He wonders if Qu Hun could be that old man's disciple. Inside, Wen Qiang enters through a great door portal.

The Elder Miao passes on the spiritual stones he promised to the remaining seven cultivators, concluding the Demon Banishing Ceremony. He then asks the cultivators to come find him and Elder Gu in the Six Company Hall. Sanniang and the other cultivators thank Qu Hun and Han Li, and proposes that they give her the spiritual core in exchange for 5000 spiritual stones. Qu Hun says he is not interested in money, and asks for intel instead. As Qu Hun is about to extract the core, Wu Chou stops him and claims it for himself. He flies to the center of the arena, and reveals his identity.



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