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The 70th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (October 2022), and later in English on BiliBili (October 2022).


Wu Chou overthrows Star Palace, with the help of Elder Gu who backstabs Elder Miao, and Wen Qiang who hijacks the colosseum's defensive formation. As Wang Heng and Zhou Yuan try to fight him off, he calls upon his Senior Feng.

Elsewhere, Qu Hun and Han Li are the first to try and flee. In the corridors of the colosseum, they happen upon a warping Wang Ning who joins them on their search for an exit.


Wu Chou claims the core of the Infant Carp Beast for himself, and Qu Hun leaves the decision up to the elders to resolve the situation. Elder Miao confront Wu Chou, asking if he as a representative of Zenith Yin Island is taking is taking his Star Palace lightly enough to trample on it. Wu Chou says he respects Star Palace, but that Miao and Elder Gu are mere underlings who does not expand the territory, only concerning themselves with trading and smuggling leading to resentment on their side. The Two Sages have been in closed-door training for centuries, and the entire Star Palace has rotted under their management, thus he calls into question why they are the only two authorities in this place.

Zhou Yuan argues that Wu Chou is arrogant this day, looking to have come prepared. He asks how he possess such confidence, seeing as Zenith Yin himself has not come out of his own closed-door training. Wu Chou sarcastically compliments Zhou Yuan, and that he will need his head to complete his duty this day. Zhou Yuan relents to the criticism, before he fires off sound waves with his flute at Wu Chou. In the middle of the battle, Miao is stabbed in the back by Elder Gu, who expended his true essence to use a hook treasure. He explains that they've only been cultivating to prolong their lives, but that he's unwilling to let his advancement stop there. Mid conversation, Wu Chou knocks Wang Heng to the ground, and Elder Gu lets Miao fall into the arena pit. Elder Gu asks if Wu Chou is satisfied now, as Star Palace members ascend to attack him, only to be knocked down by Elder Gu.

Wu Chou calls upon his underlings, who reveal themselves disguised as civilians in the audience. Feng Sanniang watches on the destruction surrounding them, while Han Li and Qu Hun flee the arena, prompting the rest of the cultivators to run as well. Noticing this, Wu Chou sends his underlings after them and some after Han Li and Qu Hun. Elsewhere, Wen Qiang sabotages the Star Palace's defensive formation, as instructed/ordered by Elder Gu, replacing the core with Zenith Yin Island's. Inside the colosseum, Han Li and Qu Hun's escape is halted by this new formation.

Wang Heng confronts Elder Gu and Wu Chou again, asking why they decided on Demon Banishing Ceremony to attack. He then asks Elder Gu if he is really ready to bear the outcome of Demon Banishing Colosseum falling. Elder Gu explains that without advancing he will die soon, claiming he therefore has no need to fear death. Wang Heng and Zhou Yuan tell Wang Ning to take care, as their luck has run out, saying their goodbyes. Wang Ning uses her bracelet (an evasive tool) to escape. Seeing this, Wu Chou tells some of his underlings to find her, while the couple readies their weapons. Wu Chou calls upon his Senior Feng.

While escaping, they come across a warping Wang Ning who falls into Han Li's arms. Qu Hun holds off their pursuers, while Han Li searches for an exit. They question his Dark Moon Arts, and upon discovering his Demon Body they figure out that Han Li is the caster. Qu Hun breaks the corridor, which collapses upon the defeated cultivators, before catching up to Han Li and Wang Ning.