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The 73rd episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (July 2023), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (August 2023). This is the first episode of a special prologue called Prologue to the Scattered Star Seas (星海飞驰序章), consisting of 4 episodes.


Han Li spends four years on Sea Monkey Island, before he dares to return to the Minor Expanse Island to pick up his belongings. During this time, Han Li struggled to form a core of his own, though Qu Hun was successful in this endeavor. Once home, he discovers that his belongings have been eaten by Gold Devouring Beetles, which he successfully captures. He kills some minions sent by the Zenith Yin Island, before using a teleportation array to travel to the Outer Star Seas. At the Deep Jade Island, he purchases some Neon Grass and begins hunting for demonic cores at the Red Coral Island. Two years later, they've harvested enough demonic cores to support Han Li's Core Formation, and they plan to head back to the Heavenly Star City.


After defeating Elder Gu, Han Li and Qu Hun escape to Sea Monkey Island. Han Li is struggling to form a core of his own, so he sets his focus on helping Qu Hun with his. He wants to see if the Five Elements Blood Fusing Elixir is really as great as what's recorded in the Dark Moon Arts. Outside, a fisherman observes the effects of their cultivation, as the red skies it surges before settling. Han Li dares not go get his belongings for four years after the Stalwart Star Island incident.

Returning to the Minor Expanse Island, Han Li seems pleased that the place has not been discovered yet, but wonders where his spiritual creatures had gone. Using a Qi Sense like skill, he discovers Gold Devouring Beetles, which may have eaten his collection of spiritual creatures and be the reason for the island's thin spiritual aura. He sends out his two Blood Jade Spiders to restrict the bugs, as advised in the book, however they are frightened and run away. Therefore, Han Li orders Qu Hun to provoke the bugs instead. After a little back and forth, Qu Hun suspends the bugs with the Immemorial Bowl, before Han Li sends in the two spiders to ensnare the swarm in their silk. Han Li then encloses the swarm in a jade box, sealed with a talisman.

Han Li grabs the Five Elements Reversal Formation, and wonders how the Star Palace have dealt with the situation since the incident. Before leaving, he decides to deal with the bandits and rogue cultivators sent by Zenith Yin Island to monitor him since the incident. When realizing that they cannot best Qu Hun, they try to escape but are all annihilated. He then uses the teleportation formation in the Heavenly Star City to travel to Deep Jade Island in the Outer Star Seas.

Han Li asks Shopkeeper Fan if they have the Treasure Light Herb, who says he doesn't think so, before he welcomes Fellow Hao who's bringing in a fish-like monster he's catched. Fellow Hao explains that it's the old name for Neon Grass, though Shopkeeper Fan argues it's Demon-Lure Grass. Han Li purchases it for 5 Spiritual Stones and puts in an order for more. Fellow Hao invites him to join him in killing demons for cores, but politely declines and that he'll see him in a few days for his order.

Ten days later, Han Li lands on Red Coral Island, where he uses the Neon Grass to lure in a Grade 5 Thousand Eyed Demon. It breaks through several of Han Li's formation, and traps Qu Hun inside of itself. It bounces around like a soccer ball, before it shoots a laser beam that Han Li blocks with his Azure Essence Sword Evasion Art. Han Li restricts it once more with a formation, and Qu Hun breaks out of its trap and restricts it himself. Han Li attacks it with Redthread Shadowchaser Needles and pierces it to the wall with the Giant Sword Technique, finally knocking it out. Han Li harvests its Grade 5 demonic core. He notices that the cave where they finished the demonic beast in is quite nice, and orders Qu Hun to prepare.

The ending theme begins playing, and the donghua switches to an art brush stylisation. Han Li continues using the Neon Grass to lure in more demonic beasts and successfully hunts several crab-like demonic beast, at least five more Thousand Eyed Demons, a bird-like demonic beast, and a hermit crab-like demonic beast. They also lure in a Grade 7 Neptune Beast, which they eventually flee from. Two years later, they have used up almost all the formations and puppets, and they have limited supplies. However, the demonic cores they've collected suffice to support Han Li's Core Formation. However, starting this cultivation in the Outer Star Seas is risky, so he plans to head to Heavenly Star City first.


  • Qu Hun is at Core Formation Initial Stage
  • Han Li is at Foundation Establishment Pinnacle Stage, Three Revolutions Acts
Sea Monkey Island, Minor Expanse Island, Heavenly Star City, Deep Jade Island, Red Coral Island


  • In the manhua, the bandits are instead bounty hunters sent by Island Master Mu.