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The 74th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (August 2023), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (August 2023). This is the second episode of a special prologue called Prologue to the Scattered Star Seas (星海飞驰序章), consisting of 4 episodes.


Han Li and Qu Hun return to Heavenly Star City, where they rent a quiet mansion on the 39th layer. On the way, they get to know the orphaned Wen Siyue, who shows them around and explains how the city works, in a manner very reminiscent of her father many years ago.


Han Li and Qu Hun returns to Heavenly Star City by boat. A girl goes about trying to sell an "uniquely designed map", eventually approaching Han Li since he's not wearing any rings. Her smile falters as people begin talking about her, for trying to make money at such a young age, and if her parents aren't looking after her. A wave throws her off her feet, knocking some of her maps and a familiar doll out of her pouch. Han Li tells her to grab on tight to not fall off again. The skies suddenly turn dark, and the Beastly Tide enters the city. Two Star Palace members sets a golden formation named the Heavenly Star Formation to protect the ship, and urges the passengers to calm down. Underneath the waves the beast feasts on the sea creatures, knocking a neighbouring ship off course. As the ship enters into the first sea barrier, the towers light up, keeping the smaller sea creatures out and trapping the Beastly Tide in a square void in the ocean, before blasting the beast's head off with a beam from the gate.

In the Outer Seas, Han Li would have to watch out for demonic beasts. While in the Inner Seas, he needs to watch out for the Zenith Yin Island. Therefore he decides that staying at the Star Palace is most suitable. The girl warns Han Li that they will check if they have a ring for residence on the island. Han Li smiles and takes out two rings for permanent residence (worth 2000 Spiritual Stones). The girls tries following them, the guard informs her that her ring expires in two days, but she hesitantly says she'll get an extension later. Han Li observes she's not a local resident, and she thanks her benefactors. Siyue explains she's an orphan, but stays optimistic. Han Li brings out her jade boat, and lets her ride it. She explains as a tour guide as they fly through the city. Han Li notes that there's Star Palace guards almost everywhere, meaning that anything that happens in the city will be reported to the Star Palace, reducing the chances of turmoil in the city.

Han Li asks Siyue where he can rent a quiet cave with an extraordinary spiritual vein, and he rents a mansion on the 39th layer for 100 years, worth 2700 Spiritual Stones. She offers to be his errand girl, but he simply pays her a pouch with a lot of spiritual stones for her help, and that he'll get in touch with Voice Transmission Technique if he needs something afterwards. She wants to keep following him, but is kept out by a blue formation he's placed, and she scolds herself for not asking his name before leaving. In his thoughts, we learn that Han Li has recognized her as Wen Qiang's daughter, and hopes he can rest in peace. Han Li has not rested in such a nice space for a long time, and lays down on the bench to rest.


Heavenly Star City


  • In the manhua, Wen Siyue's role was played by a background character named Lu'er instead.