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The 75th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (August 2023), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (August 2023). This is the third episode of a special prologue called Prologue to the Scattered Star Seas (星海飞驰序章), consisting of 4 episodes.



Zhao Zheng hurries into a chamber where Grand Elder Jin Kui is bathing, and presents him with a Shadow Leaving Bead, which shows him visions of what has been happening in the city. He reports that Elder Liu started his Closed Door Training yesterday, and that they were forced to use the Heavenly Star Formation costing cultivation because of the sudden attack by a Beastly Tide. Jin Kui explains that he's missing the point: "Build barriers, retrieve the Thunder Roc, clean the house, destroy the Zenith Yin Island; These things are more important than dominating the lower-level sects." Jin Kui scolds him for letting himself be tricked by a mere Qi Condensation girl, and claims people like him is the reason why the Star Palace has decayed; why the monsters do not care, and why Elder Liu has to work so hard. Jin Kui gives him a deadline of 3 months to exterminate all demonic monsters beyond Grade 6 within 1000 miles, else he and the leader of the guardians might as well kill themselves.

Elsewhere, Han Li feeds the Gold Devouring Beetles. He instructs Qu Hun to continue cultivating 100 year old Neon Grass with the Heaven Controlling Vial, and to condense elixirs to feed the beetles after a while. Outside, he finds some packages from Siyue. He suspends his regular orders from her, and rewards her for her services. He sets up successive vaults of formations, before entering Closed Door Training. He spends the first few months combining demonic cores with mature medicinal herbs to make elixirs, and then spends the next 60 years on forming his core.

Jin Kui ascends to the mountain peak to report to the Two Sages, who leave the matter in Jin Kui's hands, as they are too busy breaking through their bottleneck. Jin Kui explains that now that they've restored the barriers, they just need to exterminate the demons who snuck in, and that he plans to make Zenith Yin Island pay for their transgressions. The two sages warn him that the demonic beasts must be reaching a certain age, where they will try to get their hands on the Heavenly Remedy Pill. The female sage suggests that older brother directed Zenith Yin Island, and advises Jin Kui to avoid confrontation and instead lead him to them. After Jin Kui leaves, a young girl named Ling'er emerges from behind the rocks. She playfully chases a wisp of golden light on the sages' platform. When she accidentally falls off, she is gently lifted back onto the platform by the Female Sage, who tells her to go cultivate instead of frolicking.

On the Zenith Yin Island, drunken men climb the stairs and talks about the Sober Up Elixir, while some other men gamble with three dices. Suddenly, Jin Kui flashes towards the island like a meteor-like entity. Wu Chou kicks open the doors to address the disturbance, but humbly apologises to the elder and pleads innocence. He explains that Zenith Yin has already spoken with Elder Liu, and instead places the blame on Elder Gu. Jin Kui dismisses him, and instead calls for the patriarch Zenith Yin. In retribution, Jin Kui damages their island, so Wu Chou ends up calling the patriarch (his grandfather) out of Closed Door Cultivation.


Heavenly Star City, Zenith Yin Island