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The 76th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (August 2023), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (August 2023). This is the fourth episode of a special prologue called Prologue to the Scattered Star Seas (星海飞驰序章), consisting of 4 episodes.



Zenith Yin continues affirming his and the island's supportive stand towards the Star Palace, and Jin Kui warns him that there should be no more relations between the Zenith Yin Island and the old monsters. He may not be able to beat Six Paths or Aunt Wan, but he can easily take down a Nascent Soul Late Stage cultivator like Zenith Yin. Seeing the Grand Elder's strength, he promises that he will restrict his disciples. In return, he warns Jin Kui about sowing confusion. Jin Kui callso out their plot, and hopes they will stay quiet. Jin Kui leaves his junior some words, and Zenith Yin thanks him for his wisdom and asks for grace to let him think twice about chaining himself to the Star Palace. The patriarch explains the situation to Wu Chou, and that Jin Kui wants him to kill someone for him.

At the Dragon Locking Waters in the Outer Star Seas, Feng Xi greets his senior the Thunder Roc and they discuss. The Thunder Roc lashes out at him for being too humans, but Feng Xi explains he has learnt their ways to learn how to defeat them. the Thunder Roc descends from a flash of lightning. He complimnets his junior, but lashes out on him for bringing human politeness into this, and tells him to stay true to the demon way. He explains that humans kill demons for elixirs, while they kill humans for revenge, though they're ultimately all specks of dirt. The junior compliments his speed thunder wings, but as he's also from the wing family he doesn't want to be robbed by humans, and gifts his senior something. For the past thousands of years, he's lived among humans in the Inner Star Seas and learnt their ways, in order to find a way to beat them. The Thunder Roc has been suppressed by humans for so long. The two engage in battle, the traditional demon way.

20 years later, Li's drug store has opened in town. A young boy wanders into the mountains foraging herbs, when he notices a green wisp, which gathers into several wisp towards Han Li. The sky surges green as Han Li begins forming his core, and outside cultivators admire the spectacle, however Han Li fails. 40 years later, an old man sees green wisps revitalizing a withered flower and he sees the green pillar light up the sky again. Other figures of the Star Palace and beyond also take notice. Wen Siyue has joined the Exquisite Sound Sect, and brings her Sect Leader's attention to the pillar indicating that somebody is forming a core.


  • Wen Siyue is at the Foundation Establishment Middle Stage.
Zenith Yin Island, Dragon Locking Waters, Heavenly Star City