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The 85th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (January 2024). This is the 9th episode of the second cour of Speeding Through the Star Seas (星海飞驰).


Han Li disguises his indentity and opens his own store, the Green Bamboo Shop, but business is slow. A couple walks in but is reluctant upon hearing the prices, however Tan exchanges her precious bracelet for a protective amulet, so the guy surnamed Qin secretly requests Han Li to not sell it off, since he'll buy it back once he's back from the outer star seas. Then a little boy named Xiao Long enters with his father, and confirms he has a spiritual root with one of Han Li's Spiritual Root Talismans. However, they are unable to pay, so Han Li agrees to put it on their credit. Finally, an old cultivator surnamed He enters, and becomes Han Li's go partner.

At the Star Palace, Jin Kui and the other elders discuss their plans in regards to the Void Heaven Hall. Three years pass, and Han Li is still running the shop. Xiao Long delivers the news, and Han Li reminds him to save some money to buy medicine for his father. The episode ends with Han Li losing yet another game of go against cultivator He.



  • In the manhua, Han Li's time among mortals during his secular test is skipped, and it is merely mentioned that he spent 20 years running the Green Bamboo Pavilion.


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