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The 1st season of the donghua is titled 凡人风起天南Template:Donghua/Pinyin/Titles, which translates to Where the Wind Rises. It's 17-21 episodes long. In 2023, the episodes in this season was remastered (传重制版).

The first season of twenty one episodes, including a seventeen episode arc in two cours (about twenty minutes each) and a four episode special (about sixteen minutes each). The main arc's title "A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality: Wind Rises in the Heavenly South", (凡人修仙传:风起天南, Fánrén xiūxiān chuán: Fēng qǐ tiān nán) was shortened to "Mortal, Wind Rises in the Heavenly South" (凡人风起天南, Fánrén fēng qǐ tiān nán) in BiliBili's video titles[1]. The special is "Battle of the Yan Family Fort" (燕家堡之, Yàn jiā bǎo zhī).

All twenty one episodes of the first season were remastered sometime around 2022~2023 with improved graphics, such as increased polygon models or cosmetic changes to improve consistency with later episodes. Improvements may be harder to notice in BibiBili's official YouTube's English episodes, unlike the non-English Remastered episodes. English subtitles were hard encoded in the official English Remastered episodes.

This Donghua adaptation of the same Novel premiered 2020 / 07 / 25 and became BiliBili's fiirst annualized production starting 2020 / 11 / 21.

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