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Dongmen Tu was a mid Nascent Soul stage Grand Elder of the Spirit Controlling Sect.[1]

Moulan invasion[]

Dongmen Tu participated in a meeting with the three great cultivators of Heavenly South, alongside other mid Nascent Soul stage cultivators like Splintered Soul, Devil Cloudpart or Long Han. He felt resentful towards Han Li for killing Gu Shuangpu, because of their friendship, despite the latter being a spy.[1]

Devillfall Valley[]

After the Ghost Spirit Sect started sending cultivators into Devilfall Valley, Dongmen Tu appeared, accompanied by 5 Nascent Soul cultivators, who were Elemental Spirit Nascents. When they were teleporting, they noticed Han Li, who had the Wood Spirit Nascent as his second Nascent Soul.[2] Inside, they met Daoist Heavencrystal accompanied by 2 early Nascent Soul level ancient puppets. They agreed to work together to break the ancient restrictions.[3] [4] After parting ways, 2 Nascent Soul cultivators perished from a spatial tear and a restriction at some points. After sensing battle, Dongmen Tu headed there, assuming it was about a treasure.[5] Instead, it was an Elder Devil Bloodflame fighting Wei Wuya and Cheng Tiankun.[6] Dongmen Tu joined the fight, as well as the Moulan Sage Le and Divine Sage Zhong and they managed to grievously wound the devil.[7] [8]

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