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Eccentric Feng was one of the few remaining Deity Transformation cultivators in the Great Jin.

Eccentric Feng, like Xiang Zhili, let go of their grand abilities and mingled with low-grade cultivators in fear that using too much magic power would take their origin essence, life. They were searching for the reverse spirit streams, that the Spirit Realm cultivators used in the past, to ascend to the Spirit Realm without reaching late Deity Transformation stage.[1]


Kunwu Mountain[]

After Kunwu Mountain was unsealed, Xiang Zhili entered it, since he was nearby. Due to his cautionary nature, he informed Eccentric Feng about his plans beforehand sending him a message. As Xiang Zhili's exchanged primal soul pearl fell dim indicating misfortune, Eccentric Feng requested Hu Qinglei and Old Ghost Bai to go to Kunwu Mountain to assist Xiang Zhili offering them Blood Qi Pills as compensation, because he himself wasn't available to go.[1]

First Meeting[]

When Han Li inflitrated the Yin Sifting Sect, he killed many of their Elders to get Ghost Sifting Banners.[2] One of the Elders was a descendant of one of Eccentric Feng's juniors and he invited him to the sect to sought help. As Eccentric Feng was visiting with concealed cultivation base, unaware Han Li killed that Elder before Eccentric Feng's eyes, bringing his ire. The Deity Transformation cultivator went after Han Li, who managed to evade him for a month thanks to Thunderstorm Wings and Nine Gale Transformations. Eccentric Feng was so intent on catching him that he was even willing to sacrifice some of his lifespan. As Han Li couldn't loose him, he decided to fight.[3] Eccentric Feng used his powerful Myriad Blade Plate from the start. After Han Li pulled out the Eight Spirit Ruler, older cultivator figured out that was Han Li, who was involved in Kunwu Mountain incident and was connected to Ling Long. He wanted an information on spatial nodes to the Spirit Realm. Their clash was interrupted by Xiang Zhili. Senior Xiang wanted Eccentric Feng to spare Han Li.[4]

When Eccentric Feng questioned Han Li's prowess, he answered by showing them the Immortal Vanquishing Beads, which surprised a bit both Deity Transformation cultivators. Xiang Zhili wanted all of them to work together on finding accessible spatial nodes, since he didn't have luck so far.[5] Han Li agreed to a collaboration and he gave them information from Ling Long. Senior Xiang was elated. He also told Han Li to not cause any incidents as with Yin Sifting Sect and to follow rules of Deity Transformation cultivators from then on.[6]

Then Senior Xiang suggested to Han Li to accompany them to Hu Qinglei's ceremony of taking new concubines. Eccentric Feng disliked attending to these ceremonies because of the required congratulatory presents, but he didn't want to offend offend Hu Qinglei by being absent as he liked quite a few spirit medicines growing on Devil Cliff Mountain.[6]

Ceremony For New Concubines[]

When Xiang Zhili and Eccentric Feng arrived with Han Li, Hu Qinglei was baffled for a moment when Xiang said to treat a Nascent Soul cultivator as an equal, but the latter quickly explained him Han Li's accomplishments during Kunwu Mountain and Yin Sifting Sect's events.[7] Once, 3 new concubines appeared, it was clear to everyone that one of them, Violet Spirit, was an acquaintance to Han Li.[8] Hu Qinglei made her offer Han Li a cup of wine, which would signifying cutting all ties with her past life. As she did that, Han Li spoken aloud she had a restriction placed on her, which displeased Hu Qinglei. Old Devil Hu became annoyed by Han Li's behaviour. Xiang Zhili suggested the latter to apologize in order to appease the tension, but he also asked Hu Qinglei to not kill Han Li. Unconcerned by the surrounding turmoil that he caused, Han Li asked Violet Spirit whether she was there willingly or not. After she revealed that she was captured forcibly, Han Li tried to buy her freedom.[9] While Hu Qinglei was becoming more and more exasperated, he was still wary of Han Li's Immortal Vanquishing Beads. Hu Qinglei was then placated by the promise of an enticing item by Han Li.[10] Eccentric Feng was very curious what this item was. Xiang Zhili ignored that, because only thing mattered was finding a suitable spatial node to ascend to the Spirit Realm. Eccentric Wind agreed with him after admitting he was led astray by his greed for a moment. Once Hu Qinglei received few drops of Glacial Quintessence, he made another condition that Han Li had to take one of his attacks without evading, to which Han Li agreed.[11] He managed to withstand attack of 7 Jade Peaks with help of Weeping Soul Beast and the Eight Spirit Ruler. Then Xiang Zhili stopped further confrontation and everyone returned to the ceremony.[12]

Spatial Node[]

About 150 years later, Xiang Zhili discovered a spatial node located in the Five Dragon Seas and he entered it together with Eccentric Feng, Hu Qinglei and Old Demon Che. Their primal soul lanterns they left behind were extinguished. It was unknown whether they successfully ascended to the Spirit Realm or perished.[13]

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