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The Eight Spirit Ruler is a low-grade tier Buddhist-attribute Divine Spirit Treasure.[1] It makes everyone in the area of effect sluggish and immobile.[2] It is great for subduing devilish arts.[3] [4] [5]

Since it is a Buddhist treasure, it is only controllable through Buddhist light from Buddhist techniques.[6]


It looks like an emerald-green wooden ruler emitting a faint verdant glow. It was half a foot long and styled unoriginally.[7] It makes a silver lotus flower appear, which spins, seven-colored Buddhist light erupts and Buddhist chants rang out.[2]


Three Kunwu Masters used it to seal Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha on Kunwu Mountain.[8] Later, Han Li seized it.[4]

The Four Skies Ruler is a replica of that very Divine Spirit Treasure. Immortal Form Sect owns it.[9]

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