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Elder Gu is an Early Stage Core Formation cultivator of the Six United Palaces.

Personality and Appearance[]

He keeps telling his old friend to not keep a grudge against him, since he betrayed him for the sake of immortality.[1] He tried to lure out Han Li, by promising the Dusted Descent Pills, but actually tried to lower Han Li's guard with an empty box.[2]


Neglecting his own concern for his friends and family, Gu betrayed the Six United Palaces and helped Wu Chou[3] destroy the formation in the Demon Banishing Colosseum. In the process, he stabbed Elder Miao in the back and killed him.[?] In exchange, Wu Chou promised him a Heavenly Remedy Pill, which he needed to ascend further in his cultivation toward immortality, or soon resign himself to a mortal death.[1]

After releasing the Thunder Roc, he began pursuing the fleeing Han Li and Qu Hun, following them to a deserted island. There they had hidden themselves with an invisibility robe, though he tried to lure them out with the ceremonial reward.[1] Seeing how Gu were willing to stab even his close friend in the back, Han Li decides not to trust him and goes for the offensive. He manages to lure elder Gu into his Jadewater Azure Armor Formation twice, before finally managing to defeat the Core Formation cultivator. Before continuing his flight, Han Li steals Elder Gu's pouch and sets his corpse on fire. A month later, he inspects the pouch's contents. He also checks the box supposedly containing the Dusted Descent Pills, which is revealed to have been empty.[2]

Following the reversal of situation brought by the sudden arrival of Wu Chou, Han Li's Jadewater Azure Armor Formation served to kill Elder Gu.[?]




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