A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The Endless Sword Sect is a holy land for sword cultivators to begin with. There are countless immortal swords stored in the ocean of swords in the sect, and there aren't many swords in the world that could compare to this place.

It is extremely strict when it comes to recruiting disciples, and they never open their doors widely and take in a large number of disciples. Instead, the disciples on the mountain would travel around the world, searching for the most elite of sword cultivators and nurturing them from a young age on the mountain. All of that would be up to fate, and none of that would be forced.

Disciples of that sect would have to cultivate to the Golden Immortal level if they wanted to leave the mountain as their masters. Otherwise, they would have to die of old age at the mountain gate for the rest of their lives. When they were at their peak, there was a saying about how 'seven Golden Immortals of a sect would travel together after leaving the mountain' that spread throughout the world. However, times have changed and there aren't many people who know of such things anymore.


The Endless Sword Sect had always been known for its mysterious heritage. It had disappeared without a trace a million years ago, so much so that no one knew where the sect was afterward.