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Essence Extraction Pills unlocks all of the inner potential of the human body, but consumes life force in exchange. It's a rare type of medicine that not everyone knows about.[1]


“This Essence Extraction Pill was created from orchids, crab tailed flower, hundred year-old egg of blue ant, as well as 23 other rarely seen ingredients. After the pill is concocted, it takes on a pinkish hue and emits a pungent smell.” It has a peculiar appearance and obvious smell.[1]


“If you ingest this medicine, you would need to repeatedly ingest it after a certain period of time in addition to suffering an excruciating amount of pain. If you refuse to take it, then in the best case scenario you would be paralyzed, and in the worst case scenario you could lose your life! From the moment you ingested this pill, fate has already decreed that you would be dead in less than 10 years as the pill forcefully unleashes your potential at the expense of burning your life force.”[1]

“You should have consumed these pills for a few years already. If you refrain from consuming it now, I could beseech Doctor Mo to concoct an antidote for you. Although the antidote won't recover the life force you lost, it should still be able to grant you 20 to 30 years worth of life. Unfortunately, your martial skills will be lost forever. If you continue ingesting this pill, I can deduce from the backlash that happened earlier that you only have, at most, 5 to 6 years worth of your life left, but obviously, your martial arts will only continue to get better and better, even stronger than the might you displayed today. (…)”[1]


  • Han Li ate only a single pill, separated into 10 portions, which he slowly ingested over a long period of time. Thus the drug did not harm his body.[1]

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