A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The eight giant soldiers sealed in the eight talismans was known as the 'Evil Slaying Heaven Formation'. It was a set of immortal tools crafted by a peak Zenith Heaven being from the Gray Realm, and was considered a fifth-grade immortal tool when it was intact.

When Gui Mu first got his hands on that set of immortal tools, the eight evil weapons were on the verge of collapse. He used the Grey Realm's secret art to draw out the last bit of the power of the law and sealed it in a talisman, refining it into something like a treasure talisman.


The eight black talismans turned into eight pitch-black, spiked mace-like giant soldiers. Powerful auras of the Evil Law emanated from those giant soldiers, which were mixed with a vast amount of demonic sounds, giving them an intimidating presence. Every single one of those giant weapons emanated auras that were on par with that of a mid-grade immortal tool.