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Exquisite Sound Sect is one of the sects in Scattered Star Seas.


This sect had only had women in positions of power for generations. This included the position of Sect Master. The female cultivators of the Exquisite Sound Sect were each as beautiful as a flower and well cultured. The sect was famous for their bewitchment techniques. Those in power would often fight over their outstanding female cultivators to be their Dao companion. As such, they received quite a bit of both open and hidden support.

The Exquisite Sound Sect's strength couldn’t be said to be powerful. Apart from the Sect Master, the only other high positions were the Envoy of the Left and the Envoy of the Right. However, they employed Guest Elders.

Their reputation was considered decent, but there were rumours about a small number of malicious conspiracies to murder other cultivators.[1]

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