The Far West is one of the regions in the Mortal Realm.

It is separated from the Heavenly South Continent by thousands of kilometers of desert plagued by fierce windstorms. Additionally, the Far West is the size of only two medium-sized countries in the Heavenly South and they are quite impoverished. As a result, while most of the Heavenly South know of their existence, no one finds it worth the effort to make it past the desert. It is also said that the entire area is ruled by the Thousand Bamboo School.[1]

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Once upon a time, the number one cultivators of the Heavenly South Righteous Dao Alliance and Six Devil Dao Sects at the time had been beaten by Monarch Soul Divergence. He forced them to swear a venomous oath: within ten thousand years, their disciples and ancestors were to not tread into the Far West.[2]

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