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Fearsome Flood Dragon Association (惊蛟会Jīng jiāo huì) is the weakest of the three major gangs in Jia Yuan City.[1] It was founded by Mo Juren.[2]


Many years ago, the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association was one of the overlords of the Lan Province. As a superpower during that time, other gangs didn't measure to it. However, one day the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association suddenly decayed in power overnight.[1] According to Sun Ergou, he heard that their decline was caused by internal division and conflict. After Mo Juren left, the association was run by his wife, Yan Shi. A year before Han Li arrived, Wu Jianming (Ghost Hand) claimed to be Mo Juren's last disciple and brought Juren's will and token to the Mo residence to convey the tragic news.[3]


Book 3[]

After Han Li killed Ouyang Feitian of Hegemon's Villa, Fearsome Flood Dragon Association made a move to seize their belongings and grow in power. But Rainbow Sect did the same. Later, both organizations came into conflict. As it turned out Rainbow Sect was stronger than they appeared, Fearsome Flood Dragon Association was defeated. It's leaders, Mo Family was forced to run away.[4]


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