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Feng Bing is mid Nascent Soul stage Dao Comapanion of Long Han. They are the strongest cultivator pair in the Heavenly Dao Alliance. They are Dao Companions that can match a late Nascent Soul cultivators when fighting together.[1]

Moulan invasion[]

After about 100 years of peace, Moulan tribes launched an invasion.[2] After loss of Soaring Heavens City, reinforcements from the Righteous Dao Alliance, Six Devil Dao Sects and the Heavenly Dao Alliance had arrived and stopped further progress at the border between States of Yu and Beiliang.[3]

As the final battle between forces of Heavenly South and Moulan Tribes was nearing, Master Sunreach, Devil Concord, Wei Wuya, Long Han and Feng Bing met to discuss last details, like about involvement of Devil Dao cultivators from Jin Empire. Eccentric Heavenvenge appeared and agreed to their plan.[4]

The battle involved hundreds of thousands of cultivators. Long Han served as the commander of the Heavenly South Army and Divine Sage Zhu commanded the army of spell warrior.[5] Feng Bing fought Divine Sage Tian Zhong to relieve Han Li.[6] Before the culmination, Moulan received news about the attack of Soaring Tribes. Both sides stopped fighting.[7]

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