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Feng Clan was one of the four great noble cultivation clans in the Guanning Prefecture in Liao Province.[1]


One of clan ancestors was a layman disciple of the Guanning's Thousand Light Temple, a branch of the grand Gold Sifting Sect. Feng Clan originally cultivated a Buddhist technique, but ever since the Thousand Light Temple moved away from the Liao Province several hundred years ago, they changed their cultivation art to a Confucian one. Due to his poor aptitude, the ancestor wasn't able to break through the barrier to Nascent Soul stage and form a Crystal Relic. As such, he was disheartened and established the Feng Clan of Ning instead.[1]

Clan Destruction[]

The Kong, Zhang, Jin, and the Feng Clans were all neutral parties.

King Glorious Blaze plotted to gather cultivator souls to refine a Heavenly Corpse Body. The clan elders saw that something was amiss and wanted to inform a nearby Buddhist sect, but their Core Formation cultivators were exterminated. Then he manipulated clans to exterminate Feng Clan.[2] Suddenly, the Kong Clan created an alliance with the two other clans and struck the Feng Clan off guard. As Feng Yue was a direct descendant of the Feng Clan, the Feng Clan Elders had him escape with the key as calamity befell the clan.[1]

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