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Feng Yu (冯钰Féng yù), better known as Feng Sanniang (冯三娘Féng sān niáng), was a cultivator that participated in the tournament at the Demon Banishing Colosseum.[1] Feng Sanniang was a Foundation Establishment cultivator that resided in the Inner Star Seas within the Scattered Star Seas. She was a formation expert. She was a member of the Six United Palaces sect.

First Meeting[]

As a formation expert, Feng Sanniang was invited by her sect to participate in capturing an Infant Carp Beast in exchange for Dustfall Pills needed to increase her chances of breaking through to Core Formation. She introduced Han Li and Crooked Soul to the other cultivators participating in the hunt.

During the hunt, Feng Sanniang led the Foundation Establishment cultivators in creating a formation to trap the beast. Her formation allowed the Core Formation elders of the Six United Palaces to slay the beast. She attentively watched the behavior of the participating cultivators not from her sect. Her gaze deterred other participating cultivators from acting on their greed.

However, the cheerful mood was soured when the young master of the Zenith Yin Island intervened from out of nowhere. The young master stole the rewards from slaying the beast. This led to conflict between the elders of her sect and the young master. Her elders were unwilling to relinquish the rewards. Her elders successfully convinced the young master to abandon his obnoxious behavior by presenting a Ghost Crest Medallion representing membership to the secret Starfall Coalition. Unfortunately those present observed the bizarre events and needed to be silenced to keep the secrecy of the existence of the coalition.

Feng Sanniang was abandoned by her Core Formation elders who let the young master silence her to protect the secret.


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