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Feng Xi is a Grade 9 Demon Beast.[?]


He had a silver scarf around the top of his head, azure robes on his body, and rough shoes on his feet. Apart from his sharp, pointy nose and narrow, green eyes, all other aspects were indistinguishable from a human.[1]

In his demon beast form, he had the body of a bird and a fish tail covered in three meter long feathers. Below its abdomen were two incredibly sharp claws covered in inch large scales that sparkled with an azure light.[2]



Feng Xi has lived among humans in the Inner Star Seas for the past 1000 years, during which he has learnt their ways to find a way to effectively beat the humans. The Thunder Roc disagrees with his appoach, and curses the next ruler of demons.[3]

Book 4[]

After Feng Xi reached the second stage of his metamorphosis, Han Li arrived at the island, where he was staying. Demon cultivator toyed with him a little and then took him to his residence.[1] Feng Xi explained he spared Han Li, because he cultivated a pure wood attribute cultivation art. Then he made Han Li drink Jadefire Wine to make a breakthrough in his cultivation.[4] After half a year, Han Li reached late Core Formation stage.[5] Feng Xi finally told Han Li and two grade 8 demon beasts, Venomous Flood Dragon and demon tortoise, he planned to refine Thunderstorm Wings onto his body.[6] During next several months, they were refining the wings.[7] Before finishing, Feng Xi found han Li possessed green Myriad Year Spirit Milk. Feng Xi, the flood fragon and tortoise drank it to recover energy.[8] Then all 3 demon beasts had their abdomens show protrusions. Han Li used that chance to attack them, but to no avail.[9] Only swarm of Gold Devouring Beetles were able to eat the Venomous Flood Dragon.[10] After inability to kill the other 2, Han Li took the Thunderstorm Wings and escaped. Feng Xi gave chase, but his power was almost depleted.[11]

Later, Feng Xi found Han Li being chased by Daoist Swift Crane.[2] When the Windbreaker Beast saw Han Li disappear through the transportation formation, he was in rage. He attacked Swift Crane to vent. Old Daoist only managed to flee with his Nascent Soul by sacrificing his body.[12]


After about 300 years later, Feng Xi and Golden Wyrm King arrived at one of the islands in the Outer Star Seas for the Dragon Scale Fruit.[13] Because of the sensation of dread, Golden Wyrm King found out the ambush. Both Demon Beasts were suprised it was Han Li. Feng Xi was greatly shocked from human's cultivation level of peak Nascent Soul stage.[14] Feng Xi was overwhelmed by 3 Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. After being unable to deal with Han Li, Golden Wyrm King wanted to run away.[15] Han Li managed to capture the soul of this grade 10 demon beast, its metal-attribute demon core and a skeleton. On the other hand, Feng Xi was trapped by dozen of Six-Winged Frost Centipedes. It's demon soul was eaten by the insects.[16]


As grade 9 demon beast, Feng Xi can have human appearance.[1]

He controls wind spirit energy.


  • The surname ‘Feng 风’ is the same as ‘Wind 风’ in ‘Windbreaker Beast’.

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