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Feng Yue (封岳) was an early Foundation Establishment stage direct descendant of Feng Clan from the Guanning Prefecture. He was the eldest son of the Feng Clan and was to become the head of the Feng Clan in dozen years.[1]

Clan Destruction[]

When clan elders discovered something about King Glorious Blaze's plot, he manipulated other clans to exterminate the Feng Clan.[2] The Kong Clan with Zhang and Jin Clans attacked them. As Feng Yue was a direct descendant of the Feng Clan, the Feng Clan Elders had him escape with the key as calamity befell the clan.[1]

Feng Yue came to Endless Sky Plains to find Feng Zhen, who was handling clan's relations with a few of the Soaring Tribes.[1] He joined the Red Wolf Tribe of mortals, after they payed him. He travelled with them to the Endless Sky Temple to pay tribute. Along the way, they met friendly Grey Heron Tribe. When Simian Vultures attacked them, Feng Yue killed one.[3] Han Li, who was at mid Foundation Establishment stage and was travelling with the other tribe, killed other 2 vultures helping him. Feng Yue wanted to buy his Glacial Snow Centipedes, but to no avail.[4]

Outside of the Temple Encampment, Feng Yue was lured by Feng Zhe and greviously injured by traitorous Core Formation cultivator. The assailant was killed by Han Li. Feng Yue was infected with Agony Poison, one of the Ten Absolute Poisons.[5] After Han Li used Vast Essence Pill on him, Feng Yue woke up and saw himself poisoned. He figured out that the traitor Feng Zhen was working with the Kong Clan. He couldn't save himself, by possessing some other body, because he already used it once before. When he wanted to buy more pills from Han Li to survive few more days, the latter wanted answers.[6] Feng Yue told him about his Feng Clan, Buddhist sect and the conflict with other clans. As payment, he gave Han Li a key to the Feng Clan's secret cave.[1]

As they continued to travel with mortals, members of Nine Immortals Palace found them. They were after a runaway cultivator with Snow Crystal Pearl. As they easily caught him, the Goldflame Stone was noticed by everyone.[7] Both, Nine Immortals Palace cultivators and Han Li, wanted it. When they attacked, they were killed by Han Li's second Nascent Soul using Ghost Sifting Banner and Six-Winged Frost Centipedes.[8] Afterwards, Feng Yue and Han Li departed from tribes and flew together to the secret cave.[9] Feng Yue died on the way. Eventually, Han Li reached the cave in the Snowmound Mountains alone.[10]

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