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The Feral Wolf Gang are a group of horse-mounted bandits, remnants from an original gang in the Jing Province, who were suppressed by a dispatch from the imperial army.[1]


They have no qualms about burning, killing, looting, pillaging, and other atrocities. They're exceedingly cruel and bloodthirsty. Though they control more villages than the Seven Mysteries Sect, they don't know how to manage them effectively to generate income. Thus they are jealous of their rivals wealth and prosperity.[1]


They were originally a gang of horse-mounted bandits from the Jing Province that had no qualms about burning, killing, looting and pillaging. After a while, an army dispatched by the imperial court encircled and fiercely suppressed the bandits. Some of the bandits accepted the amnesty granted to them by the imperial court while the remaining bandits reformed themselves into the Feral Wolf Gang. The Feral Wolf Gang was exceedingly cruel and bloodthirsty, retaining their former characteristics of having no qualms about committing atrocities. Thus, whenever they clashed, the Seven Mysteries Sect was always at a disadvantage.[1]

Even though the Feral Wolf Gang controlled more villages than the Seven Mysteries Sect, the gang didn’t know how to manage the villages effectively to run businesses and generate income. In comparison, the wealth of the villages controlled by the Seven Mysteries Sect vastly outstripped the villages under Feral Wolf Gang’s control. Jealous of the Seven Mysteries Sect’s prosperity, the Feral Wolf Gang made plans to take over the Sect’s territory, resulting in the longstanding conflict between the two major powers. The conflict gave the current Sect Leader of the Seven Mysteries Sect endless headaches. Because of the Feral Wolf Gang, the Seven Mysteries Sect has been accepting an increasing number of disciples in recent years.[1]

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