A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

In this stage, the original mortal lifespan is doubled, and in turn, their Qi condenses from a cloud into a liquid. Although few are able to cultivate from Qi Condensation into Foundation Establishment by just absorbing and condensing the Heaven and Earth Qi, the vast majority of the cultivation world rely on the Foundation Establishment Pill. The pill is rather scarce, and thus few cultivators progress to this level without a backing from a major power. With the increased Qi concentration, the cultivators are able to use their innate fire to aid in refining medicines or tools. Skills, cultivation arts, and other miscellaneous magical treasures become easier to use, and the wielder is able to extract greater magical power from said treasures.

Upon successfully collecting and condensing spiritual energy into a liquid, an individual enters the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation. At this stage, individuals have greater power that further enhances their magic abilities. Skills, Cultivation Arts, and Tools that were difficult to use at Qi Refinement become easier to use. Within the foundation establishment level there is a wide variance in power divided into 3 groups: Early, Middle, and Late.

A late foundation establishment cultivator has power that dwarfs a middle foundation establishment cultivator. The same applies between Middle and Early cultivators within this stage. As such, individuals within this stage take great care when interacting with peers at this stage. Progression through Foundation Establishment involves absorbing spiritual energy at increasingly greater rates.


Early Foundation Establishment[]

This is the initial stage, and also the weakest.

Middle Foundation Establishment[]

Cultivators further condense their liquid Qi, which starts to form Qi sphere in the dantian. Vastly stronger than Early Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Late Foundation Establishment[]

Towards the latter stages of condensing the liquid Qi, cultivators can easily beat most cultivators of lower stages. Qi further condenses approaching critical density of solidification.

Sub-Stage: False-Core Stage[]

Also known as Peak Foundation Establishment cultivators, they have condensed their liquid Qi into an almost-solid sphere in their Dantian. They can begin to solidify said core at any time, thus advancing into Core Formation. Generally known to be unrivaled in Foundation Establishment.