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Fu Clan was the strongest clan of cultivators in the State of Yuanwu.

The clan's main stronghold was located deep into Purple Road Mountains in the west of Yuanwu. They were using the Violet Miasma Cloud Formation for defense.[1]

War with the Seven Sects of Yue[]

The Fu Clan was one of the three great sects in the State of Yuanwu. When the Six Devil Dao Sects invaded, this clan hadn't resisted their invasion in the slightest and even provided assistance. As a result, the Fu Clan hadn't suffered the slightest damage from the invasion; instead, they were given the opportunity to flourish. After overwhelming the other clans in the country, they became the number one clan in the State of Yuanwu.[2] To curry favor with the Devilflame Sect, Fu Clan killed many cultivators of the Qin and Hu Clans for resisting the Devil Dao.[3]

The Fu Clan had the support of the Devilflame Sect, after they placed many of their disciples into the sect and gifted clan's women to the Devilflame Sect's upper echelon as concubines.[2]

Clan Extermination[]

Qi Yunxiao was killed by Fu Clan cultivators, after Han Li killed their members, who were after Xin Ruyin.[4] Han Li made a promise to Xin Ruyin to exterminate Fu Clan.[5]

After reaching Nascent Soul stage, Han Li heard about Fu Clan Ancestor Fu Tianhua's celebration of 400th birthday, Han Li decided to strike then.[6] After sneaking into the castle, he easily killed Fu Clan cultivators, but spared mortals, who lacked spiritual roots.[7] All of the direct lineage disciples of the Fu Clan had been exterminated. Two Devilflame Sect Enforcers were slain as well. The Fu Clan's properties were divided up by several different powers.[8]

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