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First person Han Li met in the Immortal World and invited him to join his organization, Stone Hall.


He was a handsome young man.[1]


Back when he was hiding in the Stone Hall, he had named himself 'Gao Sheng' and received a cultivator, Han Li, who had ascended from a lost plane at the Immortal Platform of the Northern Chill Immortal Palace.

Due to his curiosity at the time, he used the divination, the Aura-gazing technique to check that person's fate and even used a secret technique to check his future fate. While he was only able to see through bits and pieces of the workings of the heavens, he had turned his handsome appearance from that of a young man into that of an old man. No amount of rejuvenation techniques would be able to change that.

As such, 'Gao Sheng' was able to fake his own death and extricate himself from the encirclement surrounding that man. He severed all ties with that man and returned to the Heaven Mending Sect, where he became Elder Fu Feng.[2]

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