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Ge Tianhao was a Nascent Soul stage Elder of the Yin Sifting Sect residing within the Great Jin Empire.


After a concubine of the Sect Master of the Yin Sifting Sect was killed by Han Li during the Moulan invasion into the Heavenly South Region, hostilities between the Yin Sifting Sect and Han Li escalated.[1] An elder of the Yin Sifting Sect retaliated by placing a Soul Sealing Curse on Han Li's wife - Nangong Wan. This elder was then killed by Han Li obtaining one of the eighteen Ghost Sifting Banners that formed the sect's signature treasure.[2]

First Meeting[]

Sometime after Han Li had broken through the Endless Sky Plains to the Great Jin, Ge Tianhao was approached by the Endless Sky Saintess to jointly hunt for Han Li within the Great Jin. Secretly, he knew there was some sort of secret, because the Soaring Tribes wouldn't spend the resources and energy getting revenge just for their dead brethren.[3]

Ge Tianhao unknowingly first met a disguised Han Li when he was a Mid-Nascent Soul stage cultivator at a market within the Jin Capital.[4] Unfortunately, Ge Tianhao's spiritual sense was inferior and thus couldn't see through Han Li's disguise as an overseas vagrant cultivator. Acting on the hunches of the Endless Sky Saintess, Ge Tianhao attempted to coerce a disguised Han Li to revealing the treasure draped along his back. However, Ge Tianhao was wary of agitating a vagrant cultivator who could freely harass and harm the Yin Sifting Sect without repercussions.[5] Eventually, compensation was arranged and the treasure was revealed to be a Golden Saber Treasure. However, the golden sword was also a disguise created by Monarch Soul Divergence using a technique to conceal the Heavenfortune Cask that the Saintess Lin was looking for.[6]

After letting Han Li go free, Ge Tianhao and the Saintess Lin would return to the market after being notified about the death of an informant. In observing the aftermath of a shockingly quick execution of an Early-Nascent Soul stage cultivator, Ge Tianhao quickly deduced Han Li's abilities to rival that of a Late-Nascent Soul cultivator given his history of defeating a Peak Mid-Nascent Soul elder of the Yin Sifting Sect and numerous Nascent Soul cultivators of the Soaring Tribes.[7] This made Ge Tianhao wary of fighting Han Li.

Treasure Hunting in the Kunwu Mountain[]

Ge Tianhao invaded the Kunwu Mountain range accompanied with Grand Immortal Xu, the Saintess Yin, and two elders from the Yin Sifting Sect in search of grand treasures.[8] Their group unexpectedly met Han Li while climbing the mountain. They attempted force him to concessions such as returning the Ghost Sifting Banners and Soaring Tribes' holy cauldron with holy beast's incarnation. Unfortunately, this resulted in Ge Tianhao learning first-hand of Han Li's fearsome might when he was promptly defeated after taking a portion of the might of Han Li's divine spirit treasure - the Triflame Fan. The attack left Ge Tianhao in a bad state and left him with lingering fears about continuing to confront Han Li.[9]

Later, while they were outside of Kunwu Hall, they met Ye Clan Elders. As they battled, a sign of a Divine Spirit Treasure appeared above the Devil Suppressing Pagoda. Then everyone charged over there.[10] At some point, Ge Tianhao and 2 other Elders were killed by Ye Clan Grand Elder and had their Nascent Souls destroyed.[11]

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