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Glacial Quintessence is a type of jade essence. It is a top-grade supplementary tool and pill refinement material. It has a look of a silver liquid that shined with blinding brilliance that emanates a sparkling white mist. Its icy Qi with temperature about the same as the Celestial Ice Flames. It can only be nurtured in a bottle of Myriad Year Ice Jade.[1]

Glacial Quintessence is also the main material to refine a secret ancient medicine, the Returning Sun Water.[2]

It is also useful for Demon Beasts, because even a drop of it is capable of protecting them against ascension tribulation and help reaching grade 8.[2]

North Night Palace owns the most of Glacial Quintessence.[2]

Han Li[]

Han Li obtained it from a Nascent Soul Cultivator who tried to blackmail him. This cultivator surprised Han Li hiding from the Soaring Tribes Endless Sky Saintess and the Yin Sifting Sect with his spirit beast. He tried to threatened Han Li only to be killed on the spot.==Links and References==

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