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God Hand Valley is a small valley where Doctor Mo stays, growing many rare medicinal herbs. Other disciples of the Seven Mysteries Sect dare not enter the valley unless they are sick or injured.[2]


The lush green valley has only one access point: a small path that meanders through the forest, turning left and right, before suddenly ending in an entrance gateway. On the left side of the valley is a large field used for farming medicinal herbs that emits a fragrant smell into the air. On the right side are lines of houses of varying sizes. Doctor Mo lives in a lavish looking house inside the valley.[2]

Inside Doctor Mo's residence there were rows of bookshelves along all four walls. These shelves were densely packed with various books.[3]


This small valley was carefully selected by the elders of the Seven Mysteries Sect to erect a residence for Doctor Mo, in order to make the shift as comfortable as possible for him. The valley would soon become a venerated place within the sect thanks to Doctor Mo.[3]


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