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Gold Devouring Beetles are the sacred insects of the Soaring Tribes. Their ancestors spent an immense amount of time before finally nurturing several tens of fully mature Gold Devouring Beetles. Only the most distinguished of their cultivators were allowed to inherit them.[1]

They are ranked twelve amongst the wondrous bugs. Travels in vicious swarms. It loves to eat other wondrous bugs and is adept at consuming the five metals [Five Metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin] and Heaven-Earth Spiritual Qi. They also cannot tolerate heat or cold. It is extremely vicious and tends to amass into a sphere. It tends to perch on spiritual trees. Jade and wood are capable of capturing it. Spider type wondrous bugs are capable of restraining it.

Gold Devouring Beetles are vulnerable to wood spirit Qi and wood-attribute magic treasures.[1]

Han Li managed to acquire the method to nurture the beetles from the Endless Sky Saintess whom he saved in the Kunwu Mountain. After ascending in the Spirit Realm and staying in Deep Heaven City for a while, the beetles finally matured and became strong enough to scare Body Integration cultivators.[2] They were seven thousand to mature in these fearful Spirit Insects.

It is stated by Ginger that mature Gold Devouring Beetles are quite fearsome, and show their true powers when they're in large groups. Few mature Gold Devouring Beetles are often get easily trapped by high grade cultivated with the use of wood attribute treasures. Controlling large swarms of Gold Devouring Beetles are incredibly taxing on one's spiritual sense to the point that even Grand Ascension Cultivators can't handle controlling them. It has also been hinted of a legendary form of the beetle known as the Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch.[3]

Gold Devouring Beetles are a rare species of Spirit Beast originating from the Immortal Realm.

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