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Golden Jade Tome is an immortal item from the True Immortal Realm. It is renowned item among the human race of the Spirit Realm.


This tome contains a total of 108 pages, upon each of which is recorded a different immortal secret technique. 36 of those pages are known as the inner pages, and they contain things like cultivation arts, as well as some mysterious and remarkable abilities. These cultivation arts are only suitable for human cultivators. The remaining 72 pages are known as the outer pages, and they contain a vast array of information regarding talismans, formation spells, and pill refinement methods.

The tome had a spiritual nature making it unwilling to stay in Lower Realm with scarce spiritual Qi.

Han Li[]

The half of an outer page Han Li found of the tome was incomplete and almost all of its spiritual nature has disappeared, so it no longer possessed the ability to return to the Spirit Realm.[1]

Han Li took it after slaying its previous owner an early nascent soul cultivator called Patriarch Golden Flower.[2]


In the extremely distant past, the remains of a human immortal had appeared in the Spirit Realm, and this Golden Jade Tome was an item that was found with those remains. Later, there was a war that erupted throughout the entire Spirit Realm, and everyone was mainly fighting over 36 inner pages of this tome. At the beginning, demon races also participated in the war to secure the inner pages, but once it was discovered that the tome only contained cultivation arts suitable for human cultivators, demon races completely gave up.

Only the whereabouts of seven or eight of those pages are actually publicly known. However, almost every cultivator who has managed to obtain and successfully cultivate one of those pages have become extremely prominent figures in the human race. It's said that all cultivators in the Spirit Realm, who have attained the Great Dao have used cultivation arts from this jade tome.[1]


Outer Pages[]

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