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Han Li first found a silver page in his harvest from the Trial of Blood and Fire[1]

Some time after, Han Li had to chose a technique from his master. Li Huayuan was thanking him for giving the herb that allowed his wife, Mistress Zan, to recover from an injury caused by her cultivation technique. Han Li found a golden page identical to the silver page that he already possessed. However, the technique that was recorded on this page was a common magic technique, the “Essence Concentration Technique”. Its ability was also an extremely average support technique called the “Spirit Gathering Technique” and could only increase the speed at which Spiritual Qi was gathered.

When seeing that the gold page was thinner than the silver, he tried to burn the latter and found out another golden page explaining how to control flying swords. Han Li did not needed it so he tried to destroy it with an azure sword but the page absorbed all the strikes he lauched. in the end words of light entered his body and conveyed knowledge :

  1. The complete magic art, all thirteen layers of the Azure Essence Sword Art without any gaps or lost sections. It could even be cultivated all the way until the legendary Deity Transformation stage without any question.
  2. The Three Essence Revolutions Technique also appeared in Han Li's mind.
  3. The Giant Sword Technique
  4. The Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords

  1. Chapter 213 (Novel)

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